The picture is thought-provoking, and what it illustrates is a common phenomenon intoday‘s society: many grown-upchildren refuse to support their aging parents. While they enjoy a comfortablelife, their parents are neglected and reduced to utterpoverty, as these elderly people have grownso physically weak that they no longer have the means to support themselves. Ithink these children have betrayed their own conscience and therefore maysubject themselves to social contempt and criticism.
According to Chinese culture, to be kind to one‘s parents is the heightof virtue. We owe so much to our parents in that they notonly gave us life but have done much in bringing us up. It is against elb8881.comnature for us to shirk the responsibility of taking care of our parents whenthey are old. Rather, we have the duty to pay backtheir love by making their later years enjoyable and happy.