1.In general, matters which lie entirely within state borders are the ____ concern of state governments.
  A) extinct B) excluding C) excessive D)exclusive
  答案:D exclusive 排他的;专有的。extinct (生物)绝种了的;熄灭的。excluding 排除的,不包括在内的。excessive 过大的,过分的。
  2.These areas rely on agriculture almost____, having few mineral resources and a minimum of industrial development.
  A) respectively B) extraordinarily C) incredibly D) exclusively
  答案:D exclusively 专门,仅仅。respectively 分别地。extraordinarily 特别地,奇特地。incredibly 难以置信地。
  3.For three-quarters of its span on Earth, life evolved almost ____ as micro-or-ganisms.
  A) precisely B) instantly C) initially D) exclusively
  答案:D exclusively 专门,仅仅。precisely 准确地;正是。instantly 立即,毫不迟延地,马上。initially 开始时。
  4.Two criminals, convicted of murdering a businessman in March, were____ recently.
  A) persecuted B) extracted C) sentenced D) executed
  答案:D execute 将……处死。persecute (尤指因政治、宗教信仰不问)迫害,残害。extract(用力)取出,(用劲) 拔出,sentence 宣判。
  5.My parents do not____ pressure on me. They let me make my own decision.
  A) emit B) extend C) exert D) expand
  答案:C exert 施加(压力等) ,产生(影响)。