Tips for Academic Interview

A brief self-introduction (2-3min)

Good morning/afternoon, my dear distinguished judges.
My name is **. It’s my great privilege to be here for the interview. My undergraduate major is**. I will graduate from Xi’an International Studies University (XISU) in July and receive the Bachelor’s Degree of Literature.
Roughly speaking, due to my diligence and perseverance, I was awarded a series of scholarship in the past academic years. Apart from my excellent academic performance, I have also participated
in numerous social practices and activities, such as voluntary teaching in Heyang county, Weinan, Shaanxi Province, journalist in my school magazine, etc..

I’m glad and honored to meet you brilliant professors here. I attach enormous importance to the interview, which is the chance of lifetime for me. Therefore, I’m in sincere hope that you could give me a favorable consideration.
Thanks for your attention!

2. What kind of social practices and activities have you participated?
Well, as for the social practices and activities, I’d like to name a few which are related to English language teaching.
Firstly, I have been taking a part-time job as a private English tutor since I graduated from senior high school.
Secondly, I participated in a voluntary teaching team for two times during the summer vacation in Heyang county, Weinan, Shaanxi Province
for two times during summer vacation.

Thirdly, in February this year, I got an opportunity of being an intern teacher at Chang’an No.1 High School, which is considered as one of eight most prestigious high schools in Xi’an.

3. Could you please give me more information about your voluntary teaching experience?
Sure, it’s my pleasure.
Actually, I went there for two times. The first time I served as a team member in July 2011 and the second time one of the team leaders in July 2012.
The living conditions there are rather poor and learning resources are limited. However, I was deeply moved by students’ longing for knowledge. You know, they seize every opportunity to ask me questions and even surround me after class.
It’s a good stage for me to put what I have learned in college into practice. Also, it is such an unforgettable and meaningful experience that has helped me form a deeper understanding of English language teaching.
Thank you !
4. Please give me some specific information about your internship. And what do you learn during the process?
The internship lasts for 3months. I’m in charge of Senior One students.
At the very beginning, I attend different courses given by different teachers and try to absorb their advantages. In addition, I help my instructor correct compositions and test papers. The second week and after that, I am granted some chances to give class. It is a big challenge for me to stand in front of more than 70 students and give class in English all the way. Luckily, I have done a good job due to the instruction and encouragement and my full preparation. I show keen interest in English teaching and enjoy being with students.
Above all, I have learned quite a few from the teachers and become more confident and professional. It has also strengthened m y determination of being an English teacher.

5. Why do you choose this major /university?
Well, to be honest, being an English teacher has been my long-cherished dream since I was in junior middle school. My English teacher has impressed me a lot, who is elegant, accomplished and dynamic. And I just want to be the kind of person like her.
From the experience I mentioned above, one the whole, I guess I have accumulated plenty of teaching experience in teaching practice. However, I have a long way to go as it is far from enough to be a professional and qualified teacher.
Therefore, I’m determined to pursue postgraduate study and apply for the program of Subject Teaching (English) in your esteemed university. First of all, ** is the best known normal university in northwest owing to its quality-oriented education. In addition, I am deeply attracted by the beautiful campus, pleasant learning ambience and advanced infrastructure. Thirdly, also the most importantly, with the help and guidance of you brilliant professors, I am strongly convinced that I can get a professional and systematic training both theoretically and practically.
Thank you!
6. What are the characteristics of being a good English teacher?
First of all, the teacher is supposed to have a good command of English language, pedagogy and psychology. The solid foundation of basic knowledge is of great importance.

Besides, good personalities are necessary. For example, the teacher should be knowledgeable, accurate, patient, dynamic and enthusiastic.

Thirdly, the teacher should try to involve all the students into class activities and give each student equal opportunity to practice their language skills.

Some other possible questions just for reference:
7. What are your arrangements for postgraduate study?
8. How many teaching methods do you know? Can you name a few?

9. Do you have any teaching experience?
10. What is a lesson plan?
11. What is TRP?
12. How to achieve effective teaching?
13. How to balance fluency and accuracy in speaking activities?

:1. 着装整洁,简单大方即可(不要太fashion,不必穿正装)

对于不会回答的问题,一定要谦虚,不要不懂装懂,我们是求学的学生,这很正常。(To be honest, I’m sorry that I have knowledge in this field. But I will go further research after the interview. . . . . .)